13. Juli 2019 Diskussion/Vortrag Trapped in History

Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Carmen Mörsch



Uni Mainz/Georg Forster-Gebäude
Jakob-Welder-Weg 12
55128 Mainz


13.07.2019, 11:00 - 12:30 Uhr

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Trapped in History: Gallery Education, Coloniality, Patriarchy and white Femininity

The lecture will sketch different historical and geographical situations in which white middleclassanglophone women made use of art education as a space for visibility and for liberation from rigid moral regimes. From very early on art education and later Museum- and Gallery Education has been one of few fields of practice where white women, otherwise excluded from the bourgeois public realm in a patriarchal society, found a possibility to act and behave as legitimate citizens. The construction of inferior, classist and racialized Otherness thereby appears as a recurring discursive practice to justify this place in the public realm.

Prof. Dr. Carmen Mörsch holds the chair of art education at Mainz Academy of Arts. Her interests lie in re/constructing histories, concepts and practices in art education starting from a queer-feminist and post-colonial/critical race perspective. Together with Nora Landkammer, she forms e-a-r (education and arts research) collective.
She is a member of the network “Another Roadmap for Arts Education” which unites colleagues who seek to analyse and develop art education collaboratively in an emancipatory and decolonizing perspective.

Veranstaltung im Rahmen der Studierendenkonferenz „Wissen. Macht. Kritik. Versuch der Analyse und Überwindung des Eurozentrismus“



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